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America is facing many serious challenges, both at home and abroad. Meeting these challenges will require Americans to make some new sacrifices over the coming four years. President George W. Bush is ready to lead us through these difficult times, but liberals don’t believe our citizens are ready to face hard choices. The political gridlock that results prevents the full realization of the goals of the Bush presidency.

The USA Patriot Pledge will show politicians in Washington—both conservative and liberal—that there are millions of patriotic Americans who stand ready to do their part. By taking a few minutes of your time to make the Pledge, you will be providing invaluable assistance to your country and President in a time of need. And please pass this form on to your friends, family, and associates, so that they can show their willingness to help, too.

The Nuclear Challenge
Our nation is too dependent on foreign oil, and our nuclear weapons program is old and outdated. President Bush has been pushing to revive the civilian nuclear power industry, and to develop a new generation of “bunker-buster” nuclear weapons. Liberals have opposed these initiatives, using tired old excuses about nuclear waste disposal and nuclear non-proliferation treaties.

I volunteer to have a permanent nuclear waste storage facility in my community.
I volunteer to lobby local, state, and federal officials for a permanent nuclear waste storage facility in my community.
I would personally feel more secure with America launching a new round of nuclear weapons development, even if this meant breaking current treaty obligations concerning nuclear weapons.

Fighting Terrorism Abroad
President Bush has met the threat of international terrorism with pre-emptive war. As a result, the US military is stretched very thin in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we lack the troops necessary to take on terrorists in many other countries. Yet liberals, and even some conservatives, are scared to even discuss resuming the military draft.

I volunteer to send my children to fight for America in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, North Korea, or anywhere else President George W. Bush deems necessary.

Name Age School Pref. branch

Fighting Terrorism at Home
President Bush, with Attorney General John Ashcroft, has met the threat of terrorism at home with the USA PATRIOT Act. The Act has encountered more liberal opposition than anything else the President has done, even though patriotic, law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear from it. Liberals simply refuse to believe that Americans are prepared to make meaningful sacrifices to support the war on terrorism.

I volunteer to give up some constitutional rights to support the war on terrorism.

I volunteer to allow government agents to search my home without warrant.
I volunteer to have my phone tapped and my internet use monitored.
I volunteer to allow government agents access to my medical records.

Doctor’s name and address:
Major diseases:
I volunteer to allow government agents access to what I read at the library.
Last books and magazines I have read:
I prefer TV.
I volunteer to further give up the following constitutional rights (describe here):

Global Warming
Liberals whine endlessly about global warming. But they never mention that while scientists forecast global warming catastrophes for Europe, Japan and China—our major economic competitors—North America is projected to emerge relatively unscathed. Only George W. Bush has had the political courage to embrace global warming as a useful weapon in the trade wars that will define our future economic well-being, and that of our children.

I volunteer to live with the consequences of global warming if it means increased profit for American industry.
I volunteer to help generate more greenhouse gases if it results in a competitive edge for my country.

Family Values
The bedrock of everything that is great about our great country is Christian family values. Liberals cannot accept this fundamental truth, as they are dependent on the votes of homosexuals, adulterers, socialists, and the like. We invite you to finish your USA Patriot Pledge by reaffirming your commitment to the values we share.

I volunteer to never divorce, and to stay with my spouse until death, no matter how incompatible we may be.
I volunteer to remain celibate unless married.
I volunteer to not have an abortion, even if I was raped, or am the victim of sexual abuse or incest, or if tests show my unborn child to have serious congenital disease or deformity. [Note: Skip this item if you are not a woman.]
I volunteer to not use drugs developed from stem cell research, and to not allow my dependents to do so, even if they are suffering from a life-threatening illness for which there is no alternative cure.

The Economy
In economic matters, President Bush has shown his leadership by taking necessary—but sometimes unpopular—steps. It would have been easy to invest the budget surplus left over by Clinton in Social Security or national health care. President George W. Bush chose the more difficult path of running a ”profit-smart deficit.” Tax cuts favoring the poor would have been easy; President Bush took the hard road of tax cuts favoring the elite, because it is the elite who drive our economy. On economic issues more than any others, Washington needs to hear that USA patriots stand behind President Bush!

I support tax cuts favoring the elite, and I volunteer to pay more than my share of taxes to allow the elite to invest their money in our country’s economy. [Please skip this item if your annual income exceeds $400,000.]
I commit my children to pay for the wars America is fighting to guarantee their security.
Child's name Social Security #
I volunteer to forfeit my social security checks when I retire in order to pay down the debt America is accruing.
My name:
My Social Security #:

My name:
My email address:
I heard of the USA Patriot Pledge from
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On behalf of President George W. Bush, and Attorney General John Ashcroft, we thank you for your time, your patriotism, and your commitment to a great country and a great president.

- The USA Patriot Pledge team

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